The Health, Safety, and Wellbeing

Of all our employees and sub contractors is always our first consideration when starting a new project. We encourage a culture of openness and co-operation within our workforce to be able to meet all safety standards.

The Health and Wellbeing

of our workforce now, and for their life time, is of great importance to us. Whether the issue be psychological or physical, we strive to reduce the risks involved in our workplace by good communication, training, and understanding. We are currently working to increase the usage of our onsite Tool Box Talk resources to ensure that all our employees and sub-contractors continue to receive regular training and updates when required. Whether the talk is on a new Health and Safety measure or the instructions for a new piece of machinery, we are aiming for all of our teams to receive training on a weekly basis to continue with their own personal development. As our company ethos states: 'Safety Comes First.'