Following the nationwide lockdown for COVID-19, Logistical Building Services (Electrical) has now reopened its office and some of our sites have opened for our teams. We have, however, introduced additional measures across our sites, office and during our customer care appointments to ensure the health and wellbeing of our staff and clients during these challenging times.

On Our Sites 

Upton Gardens, Trinity Walk, The Electric Quarter and New Mill Quarter have now reopened but with limited staff to allow for enhanced social distancing. One-way systems have also been installed to assist everyone in maintaining the 2m distancing in line with the government guidelines.

Shift work and staggered breaks have been introduced to reduce the risk of congregation on site and we have made all staff working aware of these changes ahead of them returning to work.

We have supplied additional PPE, including masks and gloves, for those returning to work.

During Customer Care Appointments 

During lock down, we were only attending emergency appointments but we can now attend non-emergency appointments as required.

Prior to a member of the team attending an appointment, one of our office team will have been in contact with the occupier to ask whether they are isolating, have symptoms or have been contact with anyone with symptoms in the last 14 days. Only if our office team feel it is safe for a member of the team to attend will we will organise an appointment.

All of our Customer Care team have been supplied with additional PPE, including masks, gloves and thermometers, and have been briefed on the new health and safety measures that have been introduced. Our Customer Care team will also travel alone to appointments.

In Our Office 

Our office will now be staffed from 6.30am to coincide with the first on-site shifts, but we ask that you do not call into the office until 9.00am unless your call is urgent.

Three members of our office team have now returned to the office from furlough and to allow for social distancing are in separate offices. Like many businesses, we are now using platforms such as Zoom and Teams to conduct meetings as required to reduce our in-person attendance at meetings and on-site.